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Show Scones

Well i’ve been baking like crazy lately. I wanted something quick for the kids after school and i found this recipe in an old super food ideas magazine may 2007.

It makes about 40 scones and can be halved.

8 cups self-raising flour

1 teaspoon salt

500ml pouring cream

750 – 800 ml milk

jam and cream to serve.

preheat oven to 250c.Sift flour and salt into large bowl. Stir in liquids and form into a soft dough. At this stage i use the mixer and give it heaps of kneading, no they won’t go tough. tip it onto counter and knead to combine any loose bits. cut dough in half and roll out to 2.5 cm think and press out scones with cookie cutter. Do the same with the other piece. Roll left over together and use until all dough is gone. Wifey suggests arranging them close together so they are touching as they rise together on a greased baking tray or baking paper bake for 10- 15 mins. They are delicious, ¬†awesome hot and are fine to have the next day.

So gets some mates over and rip these beauties out. You won’t stop at one.

The sleep in

This is what we used to do before we had kids. Those were the days, now but a distant memory. So My Boy and i hatched a plan to do something nice for his mum, my wife. I found a super recipe for French toast. One of her favorites. I made a few adjustments to the recipe based on some of the reviews. Next time i’ll do it a little different. I think to really make this recipe an awesome one, take it to a new level by,

  • only using free-range egg whites
  • leaving the batter to stand in fridge overnight
  • sift in the flour and if you get some lumps strain
  • add one 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
  • make sure you have authentic maple syrup ready to go
  • freshly ground coffee
  • one large loaf of fresh bread sliced thickly

I’ll let you know how it went……

What A Big day

Yesterday I was in the baking / cooking zone. Two loaves in the oven, one slice and homemade pasta to finish off. Tagliatelle with a smashing carbonara sauce. Really its amazing how simple pasta is to make and fresh and yummy it is. After dinner I started to watch Hugh’s chicken run. Honesty humans do some crazy things but watching this show about how we intensively farm chickens is really confronting. At 1.00 am in the morning I was scratching my head, thinking about the show I had just watched and how disgraceful we can be. So the question now is am I prepared to pay more for my chicken to get free-range or do I just pass on chicken altogether. Right now I feel like just passing altogether.

The reality is that i like chicken, portuguese chicken, BBQ chicken, homemade nuggets, but not if intensive farming is where i get my chickens from. These little chickens have a life span of between 35 – 39 days. A really shit 35 – 39 days, within those days only 30 minutes of darkness per day, sitting and walking if they can in their own dropping, ammonia burns on their legs etc etc. As Hugh puts it, ” free-range is fairer”, fairer for everybody and every chicken. If you have some spare time take a moment to watch Hugh’s chicken run, its the least you can ¬†do. If you think that its not so bad, then do nothing! But maybe you could easily change some of your other shopping habits to spend a little more on Free-Range chickens and eggs and make a little difference. I’ll let you know how i go with my shop this week!

The message is i guess that if you want to eat animal products and meat at least make an informed decision. I’m Ok with the idea that the animal has had some sort of life before it is killed for food. I must also add that my family has dramatically cut back on the portion size on our plates at best 100g. So what we buy goes along way and i feel better for it. I’ve been reading a book by Kinko Denzer about building an earth oven in the backyard and this quote is directly from his book. Kinko is talking about bread machines when he made this statement but it holds true in many other ways. ” They take care of themselves. But if you don’t have to pay attention, you can’t participate, and if you don’t participate, you can’t know.” I interpret and apply this to food, when i say that so many of us want our children to think that meat especially comes from the deli section. Because if we associate it with the whole animal, then it has to live some where and we really don’t want to have to explain where somewhere is because if its out of site its out of mind and the poor practices don’t seem to matter. Kids probably don’t even associate what their eating as being part of any animal, its just the stuff that comes on a tray in bits from the deli section. I think we have a responsibility to educate our kids on where food comes from when its appropriate.