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Pose Method Of Running

In 1993 I completed my second Ironman Triathlon at 24.My Body had been through it all. Especially my legs. I’d paid top dollar for shoes, podiatrists, physiotherapists, even tried yoga and yet I had suffered crippling shin splints. I was done with running and stopped competing in triathlons.

A few months back I was complaining about my legs and the soreness I was experiencing, a throbbing in the front of my shins and tight calves after running. I was so concerned I had x-rays. Nothing showed up, so I put it down to not warming up correctly, stretching or I had the wrong shoes. I never thought about the way I was running, because I always understood that you run the way you were born to run. Even though I had been for stroke correction for swimming and had a cycling coach. Why didn’t I just accept that I was supposed to swim and cycle naturally?

My wife came across a link on Ted Talks : http://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_mcdougall_are_we_born_to_run.html.

I watched the video and was excited and immediately ordered his book “born to run”. After reading the book three times, I recalled a paragraph (p.206) that mentioned different running styles.  I began to research the three methods and settled on the POSE method. Why?

I liked the idea that there were drills and that a person had taken the time to look at running in such detail, that I could confidently expect to change the way I ran for a better running future.

Interestingly when you become as excited as I was, I wanted to approach the POSE method correctly, in a systematic way. There are many blog posts and threads devoted to why the POSE method doesn’t work for people and I was amazed that the majority of runners who had not made a successful transition rarely mentioned if they had seen a POSE coach. I wouldn’t make the same mistake!

I became a member of POSE.com and ordered the books and dvd. I read them, watched the video and then made contact with a coach in Australia. I was amazed at how much information I had misinterpreted. My coach cleared up any confusion I had and fine-tuned the basics of the POSE method and I have never looked back.

Keep in mind though you are learning a new skill and for some of us simple tasks can be very frustrating.

Challenge Cairns

Well the time has come, flights booked, accommodation booked. The road to Cairns has begun and my body is in shock 24/7. Being a boots and all kinda guy, it was apparent i was not going to gradually resume training for the ironman triathlon, rather get stuck in after a 17 year absence from the sport. All is going well except for a few hick ups. Running 20 km’s, swimming 9 and cycling 150. So this week its time to step up a notch especially with the bike. Hoping to double it starting tomorrow with 100k at a steady pace. I got my ‘retro’ bike serviced and i have ordered some new bits and bobs and everything feels new again.Well except my muscles.Its such a great sport and the new Challenge Cairns looks like a fast course and a lot of fun.At this stage the local knowledge suggests to train for a windy cycle, expect head winds due to the coastal ride.
I’ll keep you all posted on my progress, wish me luck!!