Well the time has come, flights booked, accommodation booked. The road to Cairns has begun and my body is in shock 24/7. Being a boots and all kinda guy, it was apparent i was not going to gradually resume training for the ironman triathlon, rather get stuck in after a 17 year absence from the sport. All is going well except for a few hick ups. Running 20 km’s, swimming 9 and cycling 150. So this week its time to step up a notch especially with the bike. Hoping to double it starting tomorrow with 100k at a steady pace. I got my ‘retro’ bike serviced and i have ordered some new bits and bobs and everything feels new again.Well except my muscles.Its such a great sport and the new Challenge Cairns looks like a fast course and a lot of fun.At this stage the local knowledge suggests to train for a windy cycle, expect head winds due to the coastal ride.
I’ll keep you all posted on my progress, wish me luck!!