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Cake Cakes

Todays dilemma was school holiday breakfast. Hey Kids what do you want for breakfast? Cake Cakes, Cake Cakes! In our our house we have all different names for foods. Coke is black drink, round fishies is calamari and scones are cake cakes. I’m not sure how this happened but thats how it is! Imagine Grandpas troubles taking the kids for fish and chips for lunch. Yep we got the call.

So Scones / cake cakes it is. My dilemma is i’m a very structured and processed orientated cook. So how do you make scones when you don’t have the traditional ingredients? Intuitively i guess.




So here goes:

2 cups self raising flour

2 table spoons sour cream

3/4  cup oat milk

a few grinds of the salt shaker.


Pre-heat oven to 175 deg. Celsius fan forced.

Sift flour and add salt.

Add sour cream to oat milk and whisk until combined.

Pour milk mixture slowly into  flour and mix lightly with wooden spoon. You may need slightly more milk depending on your flour choice, more for wholemeal.You don’t want the dough to be sticky when touched.

Take mix from the bowl and plop on floured bench. Knead gently until all comes together. You don’t want to push out too much air.

Flatten mixture with rolling pin to about 2cm.  Makes about 16 scones using a 5cm cutter.Dip your cutter in flour so you get a clean cut, if the scones sticks to the cutter your scones with rise in all different directions.

Place scones on a metal tray lightly floured,in a cluster, to help with shape when rising.

Place in oven for 20 mins, turn tray at 10 minute mark. Remove when tops have slightly browned.

“Jimmy Junga” your done, spread with favourite jam.Enjoy.



IsaLean bar

When i recently competed in the Cairns Challenge Ironman i had a hard time with energy, bloating and decided to look for a better option for race day nutrition. Post race reflection lead me to believe that the bar i was using wasn’t the best option for me. I had left it to the last minute to get some bars at the store and i guess so did everyone else. So i grabbed the last few remaining bars.

I had been eating the bars (sometimes its nice to chew something) on the bike preparing for the run. As i started to get some rhythm in the run, i noticed how bloated i felt. The first part of the run is quite exposed through the cane fields onto the highway and into town for the last part which consists of 3 laps then onto the finish line. I found it difficult to take on fluid and stay hydrated, i just wasn’t comfortable and it was hot.

When i started looking for options i came across Isagenix and their range  for athletes. I found some amazing products.

Years ago i had immersed myself in the 40/30/30 mindset when looking at how i balanced my dinner plate,but never found an off the shelf sports product that met the percentages. 40/30/30 is a trademark of the popular “Zone Diet” by Dr Barry Sears and the hunter/gatherer diet from the paleolithic era. 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30 % fat approximately.

Finally Isagenix have come up with some great tasting products that are nutrient dense and easy on the stomach. The IsaLean Bar has many flavors available and they are 40/30/30 . Awesome.

Below is a PDF comparing the nutritional value with Powerbar. Enjoy.


Drills, Drills Drills,

The pose method of running i believe is a sure way to improve your times and reduce injury. The Transition period can be difficult but rewarding. Dr Romanov  suggests transitioning in your off season. For that reason i have reduced my running to Zero, concentrating on changing perception and allowing my body to use the muscles required for relentless forward progress the time to develop.

The link below has great footage of the some of the drills, essentially the first few you require to run in POSE method.The are excellently represented.

The biggest change I’ve noticed talking to other runners is that so many  are now on the Minimalist/forefoot/POSE running bandwagon with no apparent plan. They just assume that you can stop the way you were running and start a new technique. POSE method gives you all the elements but you must use them. POSE/FALL/PULL is so much more that just forefoot running.

Keep focused on the drills and like any new skill, you will be running in POSE.Awesome.

Show Scones

Well i’ve been baking like crazy lately. I wanted something quick for the kids after school and i found this recipe in an old super food ideas magazine may 2007.

It makes about 40 scones and can be halved.

8 cups self-raising flour

1 teaspoon salt

500ml pouring cream

750 – 800 ml milk

jam and cream to serve.

preheat oven to 250c.Sift flour and salt into large bowl. Stir in liquids and form into a soft dough. At this stage i use the mixer and give it heaps of kneading, no they won’t go tough. tip it onto counter and knead to combine any loose bits. cut dough in half and roll out to 2.5 cm think and press out scones with cookie cutter. Do the same with the other piece. Roll left over together and use until all dough is gone. Wifey suggests arranging them close together so they are touching as they rise together on a greased baking tray or baking paper bake for 10- 15 mins. They are delicious,  awesome hot and are fine to have the next day.

So gets some mates over and rip these beauties out. You won’t stop at one.

The Book Has Arrived

For those of you who love books take some time to check out The Book Depository in the UK. I think they have the cheapest books on the planet with free delivery in 8 days to Australia and they haven’t been late yet.

So today i received my new book The Complete Jerky Book by Monte Burch. The book offers a definitive approach to jerky making, including the two types of jerky, muscle meat and ground jerky. Monte also includes recipe’s for pemmican. Pemmican is an old style traditional trail food used by Native americans and trappers alike. It normally contains powdered beef mixed with fruits and nuts, dried of course.

I’m looking forward to making an old Burch family recipe in the next few weeks. When i’ve finished my first batch i’ll be sure to add some pics, it will be awesome!!!!

Blueberry Bagels

I recently did a half marathon and i thought that when i finished i would reward myself with a Bunch Of Blueberry Bagels. I really enjoyed eating them and then thought, hey why don’t i have a crack at making some. So i started to trawl the net for recipes, to no avail.

I found a great basic recipe from John D Lee on his hub pages. He is a gifted dude. I already checked out his earth oven and homemade bacon tutorials.I made some minor adjustments and i reckon they were awesome.

I just substituted the water for blueberry puree. My wife had a can of blueberries in the cupboard. I used them due to the syrup and then i pureed the fruit. The can size was 415 gram net weight and i use the whole can. I had to add  a little Flour to get the dough consistency right, bout 1/4 cup.  The key here to developing a great flavour was allowing the yeast to ferment with the puree. You really want to see some yeast activity here.I must admit that i cheat  a little. I have a great cuisinart food processor and i basically add the dry ingredients them pour in the wet ingredients. I then add the extra flour till the dough comes away from the bowl. By then it has some heat in it and is kneaded. Takes about two minutes.I then cut each piece (8 )and rolled and shaped immediately.I covered to rise for about 30 mins. Then they were boiled and popped in the oven @ 210 degrees centigrade on a baking stone for 10 mins. The texture is a little chewy( how i like it) and nicely browned on the outside. I’n not entirely sure if diehard bagel fans would give them the tick.

I think the ones we buy at the supermarket are steamed bagels. Mine had the right color and toasted up great with some butter or philly cheese.I just have to work on the shaping part. Here’s a few pic’s. Enjoy.

The sleep in

This is what we used to do before we had kids. Those were the days, now but a distant memory. So My Boy and i hatched a plan to do something nice for his mum, my wife. I found a super recipe for French toast. One of her favorites. I made a few adjustments to the recipe based on some of the reviews. Next time i’ll do it a little different. I think to really make this recipe an awesome one, take it to a new level by,

  • only using free-range egg whites
  • leaving the batter to stand in fridge overnight
  • sift in the flour and if you get some lumps strain
  • add one 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
  • make sure you have authentic maple syrup ready to go
  • freshly ground coffee
  • one large loaf of fresh bread sliced thickly

I’ll let you know how it went……

The gals are here

Recently i picked up my 5 hens from the battery hen adoption project. My neighbor also saved 2 hens. They really are doing well, not so many eggs just yet but alot of time spent growing feathers. I reckon they earned the right to chill.My mother in law assisted with

the claw cutting, they were so long the gals couldn’t walk properly, we initially cut over a centimeter of each toe. they really are having a ball, scratching up the leaves and fluffing in the dust bath. Their transformation has been spectacular. Most of the people who saw them when they first arrived were shocked by their condition. Very skinny, almost bald, with their beaks trimmed. They are really friendly happy to follow you round the yard. Go Girls.


I was wondering why people buy caged eggs over free-range. So there was only one thing i really could do. Ask Mum, she’s straight to the point, no sugar coating here. Her direct response went along these lines…..” well as you know i don’t really like eggs ( well i do now), and i can give you three reasons why i don’t buy them. 1\ I rarely eat eggs buy themselves, i only add them to cakes etc. 2\ they cost twice as much 3\ its all bullshit, they ( referring to a show she saw ) said that their aren’t enough free-range chickens to produce enough free-range eggs.” well she was right! So i did some digging around or scratching and i found an article that seems to substantiate her claim. scratching a little further i discovered these guys, FREPA. So again education is the key. Free-range isn’t always free-range and there appears to be a big difference in standards between producers. You need to read the fine print or at least look for the FREPA logo.

Battery Hen, Lives Saved

Hi All,

Well its been bugging me since i picked up Jamie Oliver’s book, Jamie at Home. Jamie is a patron for saved battery hens in the UK. The guilt of buying Caged eggs in the supermarket. Haven’t these gals got  a rough 14-18 months before its lights out. Aren’t Free range eggs a better option? Of Course they are i hear you say. So why don’t we buy them. I think its because we have become removed from where food comes from. If we had to stand in front of a small cage with chickens squashed in, would we still buy them. Is saving a few bucks worth the plight of caged chickens. Here’s an idea buy one less coffee and you’ve saved enough money to cover the difference between caged and free range eggs! There are a bunch of folks, who re-home these chickens direct from the farm for a small fee per chicken. Be educated look at the statistics, Be deliberate and buy free range eggs. I will grab 5 gals in the next few weeks.C’mon Make a difference, it all adds up.