Glad you’ve dropped by for a visit! Here I am (in grey) with Chris McCormack at The Challenge Cairns Ironman Triathlon.









It has been 17 years since my last Australian Ironman Triathlon at Foster NSW. In some ways blogging helps me train as i have recently entered two Ironman distance triathlons for 2012. Lighter has many representations in my blog. Simply though when i think of lighter, thoughts of keeping trim, types of diets, recipes and general nutrition come to mind. Faster is dedicated to Skill, technique and equipment. Things like my passion for POSE method of running, footwear choices, Bike selection, wetsuits etc. Focused almost meshes with lighter and is a about your head space before a race, motivation with training and beats to run to.

I hope you find some tips to get Lighter, Faster and Focused in your life.