My blog is of great personal interest because so much has changed in the world of Ironman Triathlon since i last competed in 1994. When i decided to start training for the Challenge Cairns Ironman in 2011 my motivation was unclear. I had entered the race, i was unfit and had 8 months to train for my first ironman in 17 years. Then i started to think that maybe there would be others who also wanted to start racing again. As i have qualifications and experience in Bodywork Therapies and a very keen interest in nutrition, technology and technique i thought i would be able to share my knowledge.

When i arrived in Cairns for the race, it was extremely clear that i was underdone in my preparation for such a big event. I swam really well, in 17 years i had only lost five minutes in the swim, but the bike was terrible and i remember every pedal push over the one hundred and eighty kilometres. I should have remembered that when you ride in a national park, they are parks for a reason. Generally because you can’t build houses in them. Then i also recollected that i had never ridden over a flat course in a national park because they don’t exist! So i was extremely slow on the bike due to the amount of hills or mountains.

The run was flat but hot, little shade for the first twenty two kilometres. Due to my poor bike split, the run was just as bad.I finished the race in sixteen and a half hours.

So what can i share?

I learn’t that you can have too many sports gels or goo’s. That maltedextrin can cause horrible bloating and discomfort. That coke a cola is not so bad when its degassed as a drink on the course. Wearing brand new shoes may not be a good idea. Getting the correct bike fit is absolutely of paramount importance.And finally i really love red frogs. They saved my day. But nothing gave me more joy than seeing my family waiting for me for after a long day and crossing the finish line with my seven year old son, with my wife and daughter right behind me.

I’m learning, training and posting my thoughts to motivate others to try and get some fitness or motivation back into their lives.