The pose method of running i believe is a sure way to improve your times and reduce injury. The Transition period can be difficult but rewarding. Dr Romanov  suggests transitioning in your off season. For that reason i have reduced my running to Zero, concentrating on changing perception and allowing my body to use the muscles required for relentless forward progress the time to develop.

The link below has great footage of the some of the drills, essentially the first few you require to run in POSE method.The are excellently represented.

The biggest change I’ve noticed talking to other runners is that so many  are now on the Minimalist/forefoot/POSE running bandwagon with no apparent plan. They just assume that you can stop the way you were running and start a new technique. POSE method gives you all the elements but you must use them. POSE/FALL/PULL is so much more that just forefoot running.

Keep focused on the drills and like any new skill, you will be running in POSE.Awesome.