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IsaLean bar

When i recently competed in the Cairns Challenge Ironman i had a hard time with energy, bloating and decided to look for a better option for race day nutrition. Post race reflection lead me to believe that the bar i was using wasn’t the best option for me. I had left it to the last minute to get some bars at the store and i guess so did everyone else. So i grabbed the last few remaining bars.

I had been eating the bars (sometimes its nice to chew something) on the bike preparing for the run. As i started to get some rhythm in the run, i noticed how bloated i felt. The first part of the run is quite exposed through the cane fields onto the highway and into town for the last part which consists of 3 laps then onto the finish line. I found it difficult to take on fluid and stay hydrated, i just wasn’t comfortable and it was hot.

When i started looking for options i came across Isagenix and their range  for athletes. I found some amazing products.

Years ago i had immersed myself in the 40/30/30 mindset when looking at how i balanced my dinner plate,but never found an off the shelf sports product that met the percentages. 40/30/30 is a trademark of the popular “Zone Diet” by Dr Barry Sears and the hunter/gatherer diet from the paleolithic era. 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30 % fat approximately.

Finally Isagenix have come up with some great tasting products that are nutrient dense and easy on the stomach. The IsaLean Bar has many flavors available and they are 40/30/30 . Awesome.

Below is a PDF comparing the nutritional value with Powerbar. Enjoy.


Slow cooked Shoulder of Lamb Roast

Nothing really in my eye’s beats this oven cooked delight. Grab a 2kg shoulder, slash the fat on top, cover with Olive Oil, rosemary and garlic. Pre-heat oven to full whack pop in shoulder covered with foil, drop temp to 170 degrees Celsius, cook for 4 hours, till meat can be pulled apart with a fork. Half way through spoon juices over and re-seal the foil. One of Jamie Oliver at home recipes, do yourself a favor and buy the book.

Drills, Drills Drills,

The pose method of running i believe is a sure way to improve your times and reduce injury. The Transition period can be difficult but rewarding. Dr Romanov  suggests transitioning in your off season. For that reason i have reduced my running to Zero, concentrating on changing perception and allowing my body to use the muscles required for relentless forward progress the time to develop.

The link below has great footage of the some of the drills, essentially the first few you require to run in POSE method.The are excellently represented.

The biggest change I’ve noticed talking to other runners is that so many  are now on the Minimalist/forefoot/POSE running bandwagon with no apparent plan. They just assume that you can stop the way you were running and start a new technique. POSE method gives you all the elements but you must use them. POSE/FALL/PULL is so much more that just forefoot running.

Keep focused on the drills and like any new skill, you will be running in POSE.Awesome.